What is the Life Advisory Board, or LAB?

LAB is a consulting company which utilises a broad and professional knowledge base in the areas of psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, and counseling in order to solve and enhance all aspects of human life. Our approach combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills. We use a researched-based approach similar to other world leading institutions in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the human condition.

LAB helps enhance all of the important areas of human life: happiness, success, relationships with partners and friends, healthy lifestyles, and building purpose in one’s life.


  • We work with individual requests for coaching and psychotherapy (read more)

  • We assist couples with couples’ therapy and counseling services (read more)

  • We work with families in business (read more)

We created ‘Life Advisory Board’ or LAB with only one goal in mind. To enable people to become the best version of themselves and live a blissful life. You might be a CEO, a free spirited artist, a rising star in your career, freelancer, entrepreneur, or a mother of two who has set up a high-bar, someone striving to achieve excellence in multiple areas of life at once. We, at the LAB, provide you with the resources, support, knowledge, community, experience, and confidentiality to pave your way to your personal success. If you are looking for deep, effective lifetime solutions to all your problems, LAB always stands by you. Simply select the schedule that works for you and get started.



  • We work with psychologically healthy adults who face temporarily life difficulties or who simply want more from life.

  • We use strictly scientific and measurable methods which were proven experimentally in longitudinal research by leading universities worldwide.

  • We are action and result oriented. We believe that the best results can only be achieved via close collaboration with our clients. We help clients to understand the problem they are having, enabling them to take action to solve it.





LAB was created for individuals who want to “have it all” – financial freedom, life satisfaction, high social status, great relationships with both spouses and friends, good looks and health, as well as purpose and passion in life.

Your life can be divided into seven aspects: PERSONAL LIFE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, SPIRITUAL ASPECTS, SOCIAL, DEVELOPMENT AND BUSINESS. All these areas contribute to healthy self-esteem, feeling of happiness, self-worth and fulfilment. Disturbance in any of these area can shake your focus and productivity in other aspects too.

So the question remains. How can we “have it all”? Can we live the life we dream about? Can we achieve personal success without sacrificing family and social life? Surprisingly, yes!

We have spent over 10 years gathering and studying the best techniques from around the world in order to collect and simplify the scientific methods which lead to fast results. We have found that helping individuals and families from different backgrounds and culture has proven that a certain degree of adaptation is needed for each and every individual. Because of this, we tailor our approach according to each client’s requests.

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I decided to try LAB because it was more affordable compared to international hospitals. I had my doubts, but I made an appointment to try it out. Surprisingly, the atmosphere was cozy and Alexa was very professional. After the session, I received extra material to work on by myself, which saved me a lot of time. I worked in sessions and on my own, planning my life, what I want from my life, and figuring out who I am.
After 2 months, I decided to change job as I realised that I needed more money to plan my life the way I had wanted. My salary now is 10k higher than it used to be. I also moved on after a difficult break up and got closer to my family.
Emily Gargon, Canada
Thank you for help in making decision and moving to Switzerland. The work is better organized and boss is very polite and professional. Life is a bit less complicated, citizens have rights. Thank you for not giving up on me. I know, I was a difficult client to have. I am doing sport and after our sessions I understand how to navigate my food choices better. I am learning how to cook myself, often keeping your PowerPoint files printed in my kitchen. My energy level and productivity is up. And not sure if it is connected to food or less stress, but I sleep better too. I lost 8 kg since I started, but in mirror and pictures it looks like I gained some muscles. There are not much need to use time management skills compared to my life in China, but I do more pleasant activities and waste less time just surfing internet or watching tv.
Jan Jankowski, Poland
The most difficult part has been talking about things that I consider embarrassing and private. I have not spoken about these thing to anyone ever before. The most useful thing is coming to clear and direct answers, even if they are difficult to accept. I like that you are honest in your opinions and straight to the point. I felt that you really care about my problem and didn't judge.
Miguel Hidalgo, Spain
My trust was broken. I didn’t know who the person next to me was anymore. I doubted myself, my husband, my future and choices.I couldn't think about work, eat or sleep. I cried day and night and felt like I was ruined.I couldn't tell my family because they would think I am foolish for not suspecting anything and being naive. I couldn't talk to friends either.
David was devastated with regret and guilt seeing me crying and going into depression mode deeper and deeper. I couldn't look at him without bursting into tears asking in my head “Why” or “How could you”?!. He told that I need to talk at least to someone and that he found andpaid therapist for me. I never saw psychotherapist and didn't know how it works, but I couldn’t cry any longer.
First meeting I went myself. Then David joined. Sessions were mostly about me: my questions, my pain, my needs, my tears, my feelings. I was angry and hurt. Betrayed. Alone. Broken. Stubbed in the heart. Confused. It was difficult for both of us. We talked. We cried. Talked and cried a lot in the process. There were some jokes in between and supportive home works. But i felt exhausted and empty after every single session. Somehow “empty” felt like a progress compared to being full of “helplessness, anger, pity for lost time and grieving thoughts”. Very slowly I started to fill this empty space with other things, activities and people.
In the process of therapy, we took assessment questionnaire of our (past) relationship. We were normal couple, with occasional small fights. I was surprised to see that me and David were unhappy with different areas. Some things which were “ok” for me, were making him unhappy. He felt lonely and that I didn't care much about HIM. So he needed attention and validation. He never shared this part with me, but that's true, we stopped spending much time together and talk, as both our jobs took a lot of time and were quite stressful.
I still don’t know if I will be able to forgive and move on. Therapy showed me that I was rather critical and demanding. That both of us had problems and fears which we were scared to show. This process somehow increased our connection and deepened trust. I worry that I will be suspicious and jealous with no reason. I worry if I make wrong decision he can hurt me again.
I still feel close to my husband, but I don’t know how it all going to end. We are learning how to manage conflict. How to show respect, interest and appreciation to each other. We are rediscovering things which we can do tethered. We even went on several dates. He is working on winning me back and start relationships from the beginning, from new page. I don’t know where it is heading, but I feel like I can take it from here and I will be fine. What I learned in the process, will help me to build a better relationship and be a better partner. Thank you for being there in the worst period of my life.
Lizhuan (China) & David
It works! I would recommend to a friend
Alex Wagner, USA
Alexa Was instrumental in the success of our first Business Family Meeting. Her sensitive coaching got everyone from both generations involved . She planned and delivered a very impactful moment for our family.
Maxime Bisset, France