About Alexa Camus

Alexandra Camus: the Founder of the Life Advisory Board – a consulting company for individuals and families who want to get the maximum out of their lives: including career success, relationship, personal growth, health, happiness, lifestyle, and financial independence.

Alexandra has Masters’ degree in Psychology, a Masters’ Degree in Economics and is a WSET Diploma Holder. She is a Member of the American Psychology Association (APA), the Professional Psychotherapy League (PPL), and the Shanghai International Mental Health Association.

With over 10 years of experience in the fields of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Business, Alexa holds over 20 certificates in Europe and the USA in different areas of personal wellbeing and professional development. These she has received from world-leading universities including: Harvard Business School, Stanford Medical School, INSEAD, Beck Institute, and Gottman Institute.

Two central focuses of Alexa’s have always has been Business and Psychology. However, her day to day mission still lies within the international family business of Camus Holdings Group, where she serves on the board of Directors.

As her passion for psychology was always a source of inspiration and deep life fulfilment, she continuously puts time and effort aside to serve other people.

Key Areas of Expertise: Life/Work Balance, Couples Relationship, Personal Coaching, Psychotherapy, Happiness, Stress Management, Betrayals and Affairs, Passion and Romance, Coping Strategies, Career Development, Families in Business, Conflict Management, Personality Assessment Tests, Couples Relationship Assessment Tests, Values and Purpose in Life, Family Dynamics, Stress Management, Nutrition for High Performance, Lean Body and Energy.

Relevant Education and Experience:

2020 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy “Borderline Personality Disorders” course by Dr. Judith Beck, President of Beck Institute, USA.
2020- Harvard Business School “Investment Theory and Application”

2019 – INSEAD Singapore “Families in Business”

2019- Stanford Medicine School “Introduction to Food and Health”
2019- Emotional focused therapy level 4, by ISEFT
2019- “Treating traumas and Affairs” By Gottman Institute
2019- Founder of Life Advisory Board (LAB) – a community of successful, high-performance goal-oriented people who want to get the maximum out of their lives
2019- Clinical Training “Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Assessment, Intervention and Co-Morbidities” Level 2 By Gottman Institute, USA
2019- Clinical Training “Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Bringing The Couple Chasm” Level 1 By Gottman Institute, USA
2019- Emotional focused therapy level 3, by Dr. Rhonda N. Goldman
2019- Emotional focused therapy level 2, by Dr. Ladislav Timulak
2018 – Emotionally Focused Therapy “EFT for social anxiety” by Dr. Robert Elliot
2018- “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression ” course by Dr. Judith Beck, President of Beck Institute, USA.
2018- “Essentials of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ” course by Dr. Judith Beck, President of Beck Institute, USA.
2013-2017 Forum moderator for Young Presidents Organization, Greater Europe Chapter

2016 Harvard Business School “Positive Psychology”
2008-2009 “Basics of Psychotherapy” by professor V.V Makarov
2008-2011 Graduated from the Institute of gestalt therapy and Art, Certificated in “Integrative Group Psychotherapy”
2010- Attended course “From resistance to Aggression to Personality” by Edward Lynch professor of gestalt therapy, marriage and family therapy
2009- Obtained Certificate “Practicing coach” by Phd. Vsevolod V. Zelenin, program by the International Coach Union
2010- Recommended by the Ministry of health (department of sexology and andrology) as “Consultant in sexology, psychology and family crisis related issues”
2008-2009 Completed course in “Basics of medical sexology” by Doctor of andrology and sexology Andrey Lubarskiy
Author of more than 220 scientific publications; monographs, methodical.
2008-2012 Founder and Director of “Coaching and Psychology” Ltd, a consulting and training company
2009- Speaker on “Motivation and achievement”, at the 12th “Tavale” Conference , the largest Conference in Eastern Europe
2008-2010 Spokesperson on TV shows and national TV, Topics ranging from motivation, self-perception and self-presentation, to modern society phenomena and their effects on individuals.
2008- Completed educational course in “Corporate Time management”, Russia
2007-2008: Graduated with Master Degree in Psychology, Ukraine
2003-2007 Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Ukraine