Couples and families

Each period of our life and its relation to our relationships brings different dynamics and issues to work through. We provide help and support through all the different stages of a COUPLES’ LIFE.

Modern family psychology science is moving forward, defining laws and rules that can predict successful and happy families. A well-researched list of factors, for example, can inevitably lead to failures. Examples, as well as simple and proven facts include:

  • With 90% probability family psychotherapist can predict which couples will divorce and which will stay together. Unfortunately, 50% of all the marriages will be ruined after the first 7 years of life if couple doesn’t put effort into maintaining relationships

  • 67% of couples experience a significant decrease in marital and sexual satisfaction during the first 3 years after a baby is born.

  • It’s proven by scientists that stable marriages are NOT build on couples’ similarity and constant agreement with each other.

  • It takes on average 6-years of staying in dissatisfying, collapsing relationships before couples seek professional help

Successful relationships don’t just “happen on their own.” You can be lucky at the beginning to have it started. But, both partners require a solid development plan, putting right processes in place, consciously eliminating harmful influences, creating functioning operations and regularly checking on key performance indicators. Both of the partners have predictable dynamics, and if managed poorly, crisis and divorce will ensue. We don’t rely on luck building businesses and wealth, but somehow we still hope that the relationship of our dreams will simply build itself up!

There are no couples who don’t have disagreement, but while addressing problems, some get stronger while others break apart.

Main areas of tension that we usually help to work with can be generally summarized in 19 areas:

The difference between success and failure lies in the conflict management skills, strength of marital friendship, trust level, personal happiness level, knowing how to influence your partner and how to accept his/her influence, how to communicate without blame, criticism, “looking down”, or protecting yourself by attacking other person. The key lies in developing shared beliefs and values, mutual meanings and definitions, taking responsibility, building rituals of connection and closeness, ability to express needs openly, building up space where it is safe to be fragile, teaching your partner how to love you, learning how to express your feelings and needs in the way which is heard by the other partner. This sounds theoretical, generic and abstract, but behind each word there is a solid, researched and proven technique which guarantees success and strong relationships if the couple is willing to take action.

FAMILY is a broad category. While the majority understands it as a married couple system, it also often includes extended parent families, extended family relationships, parenting related challenges, going through divorce, communication between members in second marriages and other variations.

Family used to be a mysterious system with interconnected elements influencing each other in unpredictable ways. But, not anymore! Same as a medical health check, a method to check marital trust, connection strength and relationship depth has been in existence for many years. Psychotherapists can quite precisely pinpoint which areas need improvement.

Same as businesses, Relationships have rules, cycles, and qualitative and quantitative measurements of the parameters for success and failure. This is an example of how your relationship assessment  looks like. It summarizes strengths and zones for improvement for each partner individually. You can contact us and order you relationship report.