Individual consultation

PERSONAL COACHING is the broadest category as it includes all areas of our private lives.

LAB provides individual consultations, coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy sessions in Shanghai which are tailored to your special requests. Examples of some requests are as follow:

  • Personal Development Strategy

  • Problems in Relationships

  • Career Advancement Plans

  • Copying Strategies for Stress and Anxiety

  • Communication and Conflict Management Skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Happiness and Wellbeing

  • Lifestyle choices: Health, Appearance, Nutrition

  • Building Meaningful Relationships

  • Starting a Family


Being under high social pressure and artificially created ideals in advertisement, social media posts and everyday which are “brainwashing” us trying to establish definitions of what is “good life” ,“beauty”, definition of “success”,  sexuality, love, smart kids and “happy family”. We raise the bar higher and higher. Society is telling us to “be strong” and positive, “work even harder,” while corporations promise that you can buy happiness, fulfillment and lifestyle if you consume more, buy branded cloth or drive that fancy car. Almost every area of our life has unreachable and established ideals and standards. This pushes people to compare their lives to the ones they see around as ‘successful.’

According to the ‘Global Emotions’ report, 1 in 3 people say that they feel lonely, depressed and not fully appreciated; Durex’s report is no less of a shocker with the data that 56 percent people feel  unsatisfied with their relationship and sexual life. American Psychology associations says that 48 percent of people are constantly dealing with high levels of stress on a regular basis. Statistics vary slightly from country-to-country and year-to-year, however the negative trends continue to grow, not only in number and severity, but also engulfing a younger population with each passing year.


Pressure of professional performance and career only adds up on top of it.

When it is a race to the top, the constant learner always wins. Career, in present times, is a give-and-take mechanism. The more effort you put in, the more you get out of your profession. Hence, reactiveness becomes crucial. It has been rightly said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Productivity, on the flip side, is driven by our hunger for achievement and motivation to rise up. Learning strategies to handle stress, pressure, uncertainty and anxiety will add to your resilience and capacity to act efficiently.

If you planned to start acting on career progress, stop procrastinating, learn new skills, advance leadership or time management skills, start exercise and eating healthily to increase productivity, it is time to start doing it NOW. If you need support, we are always here to help you progress.


You Attract What You Are, Not What you Want to Attract. If You Want Great, Then be GREAT!

Your body is a vehicle, a car for your mind and soul. The better it is maintained and upgraded, the longer it will deliver the much-needed high performance for your life. Your energy level, appearance, style and health are factors that affects all the aspects of your life. From professional success & finances to love and relationships. Ever thought about the first impression you make? Your looks and lifestyle define your ‘likeability’ to other people. In other words, a top-notch health, great looks, and lifestyle will help you attract the right kind of people and opportunities in your life. You can build the roadmap to attain and sustain these goals. Get started today!


Growth lies at the border of challenge and support.

Needs and sense of fulfillment change at every stage of our lives. There comes a time when we start delving deeper to find answers to the questions related to our existence, purpose, identity, and ultimately the meaning of life. It is only through introspection, communication, and insights into the self that we can form the meaning of life and consciousness itself. If you want to find out reply to question “What’s next” or “What’s beyond all that” you can book your personal session now.