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¥ 1,200

Trainings on request are available for groups of 10 to 30 participants. 1 or 2 full-day programs are available, with a flat fee of 25,000 or 35 000 rmb respectively. The Fee includes all give-away printed material and training with theory and practice on selected topic. The Program can be tailor-made or adjusted if the booking is made and confirmed a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the actual training. To book your session, please click on the button below, or contact Vivian Peng at Tel: 186 1685 3889; Wechat QR:

¥ 2,200

Frequency: Meetings occur once every 2 months, for a full day on a Saturday. Schedule: 9:30am- 13:00 Theory Module. 13:00-14:00 Lunch Break; 14:00-19:00 Forum; 19:00-00:00 After forum socializing, includes BBQ, canapes, wine, soft drinks. Price for each module: 2800 rmb; Early Bird Price (Valid until 2 weeks before each session)- 2 400 rmb; Advance Payment Price (if you pay for a minimum of 4 sessions at one time): 2,200 rmb. Price includes printed and digital material, coffee breaks, BBQ, canapes, soft drinks and wine. Payment in full is required prior to the sessions.

¥ 1,200

The length of each session is 50 minutes. Price per session is 1,200 rmb. The Format and the amount of sessions required will depend on the nature of your request, but on average, it takes 4 to 8 sessions to address any complex issues; Some structural and/or action/solution oriented issues can sometimes be better addressed if worked at in a coaching format. Emotional and relationship issues can be addressed to best effect if worked on with cognitive-behavioral therapy and in an emotion-focused therapy format.