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We provide consultations in the international hospital. 

The format and the amount of sessions required will depend on the nature of request, but on average it takes 4-8 sessions to address the issue at hand. The duration of each session is 50 minutes.

  • Sessions in the international hospital are available by booking in advance. Price is 2400 rmb per session. Location: HuaiHai Zhong Road. Depending on the issue, insurance can be used.

Format and Methods:

  • For Structural and/or action/solution-oriented issues, we recommend proceeding with our coaching format or by using cognitive-behavioral therapy methods.

  • Emotional issues are best resolved using an emotion-focused therapy format or gestalt-therapy.

  • Family and couple issues show the fastest improvement rates if addressed in couples’ psychotherapy or using the Gottman Institute method. For couples’ therapy we recommend booking 2h sessions.

Booking in advance is necessary

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday from 8:00-21:00

Languages: English, Russian

To book a session or ask extra questions please contact us via wechat:


Wechat: +8613636544726