Book Your Participation in Life Advisory Board Group: Theory Modules and Practical Forum.

Frequency: Meetings occur once every 2 months, for a full day on a Saturday. Schedule: 9:30am- 13:00 Theory Module. 13:00-14:00 Lunch Break; 14:00-19:00 Forum; 19:00-00:00 After forum socializing, includes BBQ, canapes, wine, soft drinks. Price for each module: 2800 rmb; Early Bird Price (Valid until 2 weeks before each session)- 2 400 rmb; Advance Payment Price (if you pay for a minimum of 4 sessions at one time): 2,200 rmb. Price includes printed and digital material, coffee breaks, BBQ, canapes, soft drinks and wine. Payment in full is required prior to the sessions. To Join a LAB Group, potential participants first need to book an appointment for a 30 minutes interview with us. After both sides are satisfied, payment can be made and the required confidentiality agreement is signed. It is obligatory for LAB group participants to commit to attending a minimum of 4 sessions out of 6 per year. As your Forum is a fixed group with a limited number of participants, the regular attendance of each member is essential to building trust and for the group to progress. Schedule of Theory Modules for 2019;

Module 1



Module 2



Module 3



Module 4



Module 5



Module 6



Module 1SHAPE YOUR DESTINY– What is your life mission? What does your dream life look like, and a detailed plan about how to get there. Module 2BASICS OF ALL RELATIONSHIP AND EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION– How to increase your influence on people around you? What shapes your life, your values, and beliefs? How to increase communication efficiency and influence those around you efficiently? Module 3LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS– Basics of long-lasting love, understanding, and connection in marriage and long-term relationships. Efficient Conflict management skills, connection rituals, building trust and commitment, and shared meaning system. Module 4SEX, LOVE, PASSION– Common myths about sex. Cross-cultural differences, female sexuality, and orgasm, satisfaction with intimate love. All participants will be provided with useful and applicable ”take-home” material which will guarantee an increase of diversity and satisfaction in your intimate life. Module 5PARENTING– Early development techniques. Main crises in families with kids and how to overcome them. Communication techniques and conflict managing techniques. How to Divorce while having kids? Module 6HOW TO BREAK FREE OF FEARS AND LIMITATIONS IN YOUR LIFE– Main fears and typical complexes which live through generations and cultures. How to break free of harmful beliefs and acquire positive life strategies efficiently?

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Book a Personal session with Alexa Camus

The length of each session is 50 minutes. Price per session is 1,200 rmb.

The Format and the amount of sessions required will depend on the nature of your request, but on average, it takes 4 to 8 sessions to address any complex issues;

Some structural and/or action/solution oriented issues can sometimes be better addressed if worked at in a coaching format.

Emotional and relationship issues can be addressed to best effect if worked on with cognitive-behavioral therapy and in an emotion-focused therapy format.

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Book a Group Training on Request

Trainings on request are available for groups of 10 to 30 participants.

1 or 2 full-day programs are available, with a flat fee of 25,000 or 35 000 rmb respectively. The Fee includes all give-away printed material and training with theory and practice on selected topic.

The Program can be tailor-made or adjusted if the booking is made and confirmed a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the actual training.

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*LAB is working with mentally healthy people who face temporarily life difficulties or would like to increase life efficiency, happiness and satisfaction.

** LAB is non-medical establishment and is not using any sort of medication, drugs or chemical substances.

***Insurance cannot be used to cover LAB services.