What is LAB-Life Advisory Board?

Life Advisory Board is a community of successful, high-performance goal-oriented people who want to get the maximum out of their lives.

Our Life Advisory Board program combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills to solve and enhance all aspects of human life.

The theory part includes best practices from the world’s most recognized Institutions in psychology, coaching, psychotherapy, time management, and life planning. LAB’s learning and training modules have been designed via the most advanced studies in human-wellbeing. For the exact Topics covered in first-year theory and schedule, please have a look at the bottom of this page.

Built Upon The PROVEN Forum Model!

“The Forum is the practical part where participants put the acquired knowledge and techniques to use in their professional and personal life.”

Forum format was inspired by the Young President Organization (YPO). YPO gathers the most successful business owners and executives together to get the highest efficiency in personal and professional life. A forum is a group of 8 to 18 members who meet on a regular basis. In LAB we schedule 1 full day, every 2 months under utmost confidentiality, trust, and openness for sharing each other’s business, family and personal experiences. The forum provides an ongoing opportunity to share and discuss the issues with a group of peers. These issues might arise from aiming for next stage in professional growth, adjusting to a new social or professional role, searching for meaning in life, creativity or inspiration, developing a startup, building the relationship of your dream, or even handling life crises while being strong for too long.

How Forum benefits you?

Forum is not a social club, although strong social relationships frequently grow out of it, as the positive interaction grows stronger. It’s not a therapy group, although some members have found Forum support to be therapeutic. It’s not a “fix-it” group, although members can find answers to their problems. The breadth of the topics discussed includes long-term life goals of the group, the commonality, and diversity of members, and solutions to their life-crisis. The use of peer moderation and close relationships are combined to help create an experience you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

What Forum provides?

Forum provides you with:

  • A confidential, trusting environment for learning, idea exchange and self- exploration. Each member signs a “non-disclosure” agreement where any information shared in the forum is not allowed to be shared, replicated or exposed in any form, any where, any time.
  • Enrichment of your business, family and personal life
  • Learning experience
  • Integration of business, family and personal interests
  • Leadership development skills
  • Personal growth
  • Support in times of crisis

Forum also helps you embrace these qualities:

  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Embracing Vulnerability
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving

Forum participants grow as individuals when they understand the impact they have on others. As with any activity, the more one puts into Forum interactions, the greater the benefit. Through listening to the life issues of other members, and supporting them in the resolution of their problems, Forum members get an opportunity to actually “make a difference.” Conversely, when a Forum member is in need of guidance, he or she can benefit from the experience of others.

Forum gives you the following benefits:

Enhanced Self-Knowledge

Self-knowledge is the key to personal growth and mastery. A well-functioning Forum is an excellent medium for self-exploration, allowing members to see themselves as others see them.

Business Benefits

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of Forum participation. Members learn and benefit from the business and career histories of other Forum members. No professional service could offer the same collective expertise represented by the group. Since no Forum members have a stake in each other’s companies, they can be open in expressing their views and experience without bias.

Forum might show you blind spots you do not see

In Forum, we create opportunities to reveal what is Hidden within a person. As our awareness increases, we enter the Unknown, or Potential Discovery Area of the self. This is where the breakthrough or “aha” moment and insightful experiences occur. The by-product of self-discovery is that it prevents Forum from getting stale. We continually learn about ourselves as we experience other people gaining insights into their own issues. The Forum meeting provide for numerous opportunities of self-discovery and feedback.

Family Benefits

During your Life Course in Forum, you and your Forum peers can experience starting new relationships, aging parents, health problems, having a baby, having parenting challenges, changes in fortune, empty nest syndrome, wedding anniversaries, divorce, remarriage, graduations and a whole range of issues that arise with ‘Change’ during various life stages. Forum is an opportunity to share and celebrate those experiences at their best, and to share and talk through the most difficult times. As an additional benefit, many members have commented that Forum helps them at home as they use psychology knowledge, techniques and skills acquired in the Forum.

Schedule of Theory Modules for 2019;

Module 1



Module 2



Module 3



Module 4



Module 5



Module 6



  • Module 1- SHAPE YOUR DESTINY– What is your life mission? What does your dream life look like, and a detailed plan about how to get there.
  • Module 2BASICS OF ALL RELATIONSHIP AND EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION– How to increase your influence on people around you? What shapes your life, your values, and beliefs? How to increase communication efficiency and influence those around you efficiently?
  • Module 3LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS– Basics of long-lasting love, understanding, and connection in marriage and long-term relationships. Efficient conflict management skills, connection rituals, building trust and commitment, and shared meaning system.
  • Module 4SEX, LOVE, PASSION- Common myths about sex. Cross-cultural differences, female sexuality and orgasm, satisfaction with intimate love. All participants will be provided with useful and applicable ”take-home” material which will guarantee an increased diversity and satisfaction in your intimate life.
  • Module 5PARENTING– Early development techniques. Main crises in families with kids and how to overcome them. Communication techniques and conflict managing techniques. How to Divorce while having kids?
  • Module 6HOW TO BREAK FREE OF FEARS AND LIMITATIONS IN YOUR LIFE– Main fears and typical complexes which live through generations and cultures. How to break free of harmful beliefs and acquire positive life strategies efficiently?

Forum Topics & Problem Solving Focus Areas;

Forum as such has no defined range or limit of problems and issues that can be discussed. An individual can put the issue forward regarding any aspect of his/her life, and it will be worked upon systematically. Possible areas and causes for dissatisfaction can be related to Relationships, Professional area, Social area, Culture, Age, Personal growth, perceived limitations, beliefs, lack of skills and knowledge, motivation and bad time management. The following list highlights some of what can be resolved through the Forum activities;

  • Personal– Forum will help you address and resolve personal issues like fears, insecurities, anxiety, procrastination, self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall personality issues.
  • Family– You can freely talk about the issues related to the family, parents, crisis within a family, change with relocation, empty nest syndrome, loneliness, detachment, and so on.
  • Financial– Your troubles in getting your finances straight and achieving the financial freedom are now easier to solve. Forum will provide you with a master plan to achieve your financial goals.
  • Professional– Productivity and career-related issues will be systematically resolved via Forum exercises.
  • Love, Sex, & Relationships– The most intimate matters related to love, sex, and relationship can be addressed and resolved through confidential discussions in the forum.
  • Health & Lifestyle– Any issue related to your health & wellbeing, or lifestyle, in general, will be addressed via talking, and sharing experiences by like-minded people.

Systematic Problem Structuring

In the afternoon, from 14:00 till 20:00, the Life Advisory Board will concentrate on solving specific issues of the Forum members. Within 1-hour of total time, the presenter will structure his/her problem according to one of the forms with the help of a professional psychologist and coach. The problem will be presented and worked upon with the appropriate methods of coaching, psychology or spiritual techniques depending on issues and desired outcome. At different stages, the Board members might contribute to the process by sharing experiences and showing support.

The following shall be the scope of life problems that can be identified, structured, and resolved with LAB;

Relationships: man-woman, parent-kid, same gender friends, inter-gender friends

  • Lack of meaningful relationships
    • Because people you like will be leaving sometime soon
    • Because you believe he/she is playing around
    • Because there are too many options
    • Consumerism: looking for newness far too often.
    • Scenarios of family structure and relationships
  • Problems in current relationships
    • Crisis
      • Stages
    • Unfulfilled sexual needs:
      • Appearance
      • Intimacy
      • Orgasm
      • Oral sex
      • Frequency
      • Satisfaction
        • What
        • Ways
      • Sexual fantasies
      • Compatibility
      • Sex myths
    • Less conversation
    • Jealousy: insecurity
    • Control
    • Breakups/divorce
      • Why do couples break up
        • Extramarital relationships
  • Losing friends due to relocation
  • Sense of belonging
  • Efficient Parenting


  • Sense of belonging
  • Being the only foreigner in the company
    • Isolation
    • Not knowing what is going on
  • Not having the job they want
    • Taking a job for visa purposes
    • Working too many hours
    • No time for personal life
      • Friends
      • Love relationships
      • Travel
      • Etc.


  • Attractiveness
  • Unhappy with social norms
    • People’s behavior
      • Among them
      • Towards me
  • Involuntary expatriation
    • Following spouse
    • No sense of personal growth
    • Sense of belonging
  • Group development
  • Transitional dynamics
  • Social dynamics


  • Feeling in limbo
    • Not knowing what is going on
    • Not speaking the language
      • Not interested because you are leaving anyway
      • Not confident that you can learn the language
      • Low social interaction
  • Feeling rootless
    • The sense of being an outsider
    • Back-home culture shock
  • Feeling to dependent on others
    • Because of language
    • Cultural knowledge
  • Feeling neglected by society (general, coworkers, etc.)

Personal growth

  • Depending on others
  • Not able to make own decision
  • No skills
  • No professional community
  • Attractiveness
  • Self-perception
  • Psychological profile
  • Strength finder
  • Values

Age crisis

  • Feeling older and unable to catch up with the fast changes
  • Depression due to not having developed stable relationships at an early age
  • Depression due to not having developed more skills at an early age
  • Retirement
  • Rootlessness
  • Loneliness
  • What now?
  • My life is over
  • Economic solvency
  • Guilt and shame
    • For not being there
    • Conformity vs individual
  • Expectation
    • Expecting something from others
    • Sacrifice for others
    • Sexual, Financial, Intellectual, Existential
    • Self-growth
    • Economic
    • Parenting
    • Wrong choices and regrets

Time is limited. Your precious dream life awaits. Book your session with LAB Forum now!